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Mountain Climbing

Mt. Kenya stands at 5199m above the sea the level and it’s the one of the few mountains near the equator that has permanent snow at its peak. Just recently Mt. Kenya launched the world’s highest via-ferrata at 4985m above the sea level and it also has one of the most impressive landscapes in Eastern Africa. Via ferrata is a mountain route equipped with fixed cables and metal bars that will allow safe and secure climbing.

 What to see

  • Animals – occasional herds of buffaloes, baboons and jumbos in the rain forest regions, zebras and waterbucks, rock hayrack and jackals
  • Vegetation – rainforest trees like Hagenia, Podo and Red cedar, bamboo, alpine and Giant Lobelia
  • Birds – the bird species to seen include the handsome spur fowl, Djibouti spur fowl, slender built stranger, mountain chat, alpine chat and buzzard.


Requirements for mountain climbing
Mountain climbing will be characterized by warm weather in the low attitudes and cool and sometimes very cold weather. The mountains will also be occasioned by rains even on the dry seasons. The terrain is also rough and rocky especially at the high attitudes. In high attitude and especially in moorlands you find the ground being soggy. For an even free journey you need the following gears and clothes:-

Waterproof mountain boots, Several pairs of warm socks, Glove ,Head covers and goggles/shades ,Several pairs of under garments, Waterproof Trousers and Rainproof jacket, Warm jackets, Walking sticks, Water bottles and headlight., Sleeping bags

Personal emoluments i.e. camera, binoculars and anything else important.
We provide mountain hardware and equipment at affordable rates for those who would like to hire.

Game drives / Safaris

Kenya and the East African region has an excellent collection of game reserves and national parks some of which are home to the Big Five (elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes and rhinoceroses). Kenya and Tanzania play host to one of the 7th wonders of the world: The Wildebeest migration.

We will take you to picturesque places such as the Masai Mara in Kenya, the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, and Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya among others where you can explore the unspoiled beauty of Africa.

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Commonly referred to as sleeping under the canvas, we offer this experience that is coupled with having a night under the cover of countless stars. Camping gives an experience not gotten before with the uniqueness of the many camping sites that are out for offer.

We provide all the amenities like food, clean water, toilets and even bathrooms in the camping sites that we take our clients to.


A day out hiking is uniquely important.

We organize hiking adventure to different hills. It helps in viewing of natural environment through walking or even riding. Some of the areas that are favorable for hiking include Mount Elgon which is found at the border of Kenya and Uganda, Hells Gate which is adjacent to Lake Naivasha, Ngong Hills and Karura forest which is located on Kiambu road and has historical background around it.

Team Building

We have specialized skills and technology to create the necessary change in individuals and organizations. The resultant effect is dramatic and sustainable. There is improved energy level, positive attitude, and better values leading to more productivity at a personal and corporate level. We help to grow Teams to the next level.

We do organize team building events for both corporate and smaller groups. We undertake all the logistics involved for having a hustle-free bonding period away from the usual office or work place, this will be done by our professionals in a way that will make you feel rejuvenated by end of the event. This can be combined either in a day or for a longer period according to the needs of the group. We will make your time out of the office relaxing and bonding

We intelligently organize and formulate our team building activities in an educative and relaxing manner. We have always made our group go back to the office more energized to be more productive. We have a variety of venues for team building and we help groups choose the best that suits their needs.

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Hotel and Lodges bookings

In conjunction with hotels services operators, we offer comprehensive access to all hotels, lodges, resorts and camps located throughout Kenya and the rest of East Africa.

Airport Transfers

We offer and facilitate Airport transfers to your hotel under various categories depending on clients’ preferences as well as availability of service at the airport in question. The categories include:
Shuttle Transfer: A shared bus transfer that may depart from the airport at set intervals. Direct Private Transfer: Direct Transfers which will take you directly to your hotel/resort.