Monica, John and The Appelbes were among 20 members enjoying the trip around Mount Kenya, Ngorongoro Crater, Rwanda and Ethiopia using MK Snow Tours and Travel. The grand tour  took 37 days and was indeed fun!

The hike up Mount Kenya took 7 days with all the members having a 100% success in getting to the third largest peak of the mountain. (This is usually the goal for everyone hiking Mount Kenya!)

Ngorongoro Crater took 6 great days and was fun with most of us learning the ever amazing Masai culture and getting to spend time with them.

Rwanda had 5 fantastic days in the pack for us. Exciting wildlife, amazing landscapes and  a treat of the thrilling Gorillas!

We took our time in Ethiopia where we spent 18 splendid days viewing the awesome landscapes with one of the most amazing cultures and religion!

Like we always say, Delivering an unforgettable experience! and indeed it was

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Below are some of the shots taken from the tour.

At Ngorongoro learning about the Masai culture


At Meru Bandas Camp, having fun (Dancing one of the most legendary folk songs in the Mt. Kenya community) after a seven day hike on Mt. Kenya


Hiking a cliff to get to one of the most popular churches in Ethiopia



Relaxing at a hotel after climbing Mt. Siemens in Ethiopia for 4 days


Enjoying the African sunrise at point Lenana (4985m above sea level) on Mt. Kenya

Comments on the tour:

The Appelbes from Geelong, Australia wrote on 4th April 2017 at 10:33 am:
Alan & I were part of a group from Australia who toured Tanzania & Mt Kenya with MK Snow Tours & had a fabulous time. In Tanzania we drove through the Ngorongoro Conservation Park & the Serengeti National Park & were amazed at all the animals we saw – the big 5, the ugly 5 & most of the small 5. Our drivers/guides were very knowledgable & nothing was ever too much trouble for them. The camps were comfortable & the food was great.
Our 5 day climb up Mt Kenya taking the scenic Chogoria route was amazing. Our guides were very conscious of everyone’s safety – their mantra, ‘pole pole’ or ‘slowly slowly’, made the ascent doable for the whole group & nearly everyone reached the peak at Point Leanna.
I would be happy to recommend MKSnow Tours. Thank you Mark!!
Annette Appelbe.
Monica Chapman from Melbourne, Australia wrote on 6th April 2017 at 8:14 am:
John and I were also part of the group from Australia who visited Tanzania and trekked up Mount Kenya with MK Snow Tours. What an amazing trip we had! Plenty of wildlife, stunning scenery and a taste of other cultures.
Our drivers/guides were very knowledgeable about the animals and drove safely at all times. We saw so much thanks to their ability to spot animals quickly, often at a great distance!
The Mount Kenya trek was well organised. We walked through some beautiful alpine scenery. Mark and his team were always helpful and friendly. The meals were very good too (I loved the donuts!).
Mark is capable, trustworthy and communicates well. We are more than happy to recommend MK Snow Tours. Thanks Mark for a wonderful journey.
Monica Chapman