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Sweet Waters Reserve

Sweet Waters National Reserve

Experience the wild like never before. Meet the famous chimpanzee and get to learn all about them. Have an amazing game drive to see the big five among others.

Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya National Park

Get a first hand experience of walking in the wild and get the thrilling experience of bird watching, eye-catching landscapes and close ups with our wild friends while hiking up the mountain and not to mention the fresh humid air of the rain forest!

L. Nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park

Enjoy a treat of a nice game drive around the lake that is so well endowed with wildlife in plenty. The pink Flamingoes are a sight you wouldn’t want to miss!

Samburu Nat.Park

Samburu National Park

Get a blend of wildlife and culture all trendy in Samburu! Meet the famous Samburu people and get to know their way of living and how well they’ve managed to make friends with wildlife. A game drive around Samburu National Park is one experience you’d never forget.

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